Instructions for use Bust Size

How to properly apply the cream Bust Size

Application of the cream Bust Size

Cream Bust Size shows high results, and also has a fairly simple way to use. To achieve maximum effects it is necessary to observe following recommendations:

  • before using the tool it is necessary to thoroughly wash the skin in the area of décolleté, to clean it and completely dry;
  • apply the composition it is necessary alternately to each breast, and light massage movements rub it, when absorbed into the curd (it usually takes about 10 minutes);
  • rub the cream you need to circular movements from the bottom of the bust in ложбине, moving to the side and up into the armpit – exactly the kind of movement to support the influx of blood to the mounting points;
  • it is important that when the app is not затрагивалась areola nipples – master the only need to the skin;
  • after the application of the remedy should be to massage both breasts for a period of 10 minutes.

To carry out these procedures, it is necessary to twice a day. The important thing is not just to plant and rub the cream, but also massage the breasts, because it will have another effect for the tightening of the bust.

The main effect of the cream Bust Size is focused on natural breast enlargement. Also, the use of this unique tool will make the breasts firmer and positive, and the skin will look young and "fresh".