How to increase breast at home?

It is not surprising that a survey conducted by the magazine Cosmopolitan revealed that almost 70% (three quarters!) men when meeting with a woman, the first thing is to look at her breasts, and then no longer pay attention to her face, eyes and hair.

Of course, there are girls, which mother nature has made a generous donation, the award of lush and luxury breasts. But frankly, such women is not much. But what can you do to everyone else? Close the bra in the clover, how did our grandmothers, or wear loose clothing, under which is not very expressive shapes are not too noticeable? No, it is not the way out! We, modern women, it agree, it is not possible! We live in a time when, sorry for the pun, our breasts – it is in our hands!

Breast augmentation using plastic surgery

breast enlargement at home

The first thing that comes to mind when we heard the phrase increase breast plastic surgery. But there is a lot of for and against.

Of course, trusting a professional, you can for a short period of time you get to the ideal shape and size of the chest.

In addition, that plastic surgery has existed for a decade, and in that time technology, materials and techniques to release us from the likelihood of getting bad, is not happy us the result.

And most importantly, every plastic surgery clinic will offer you several ways how to increase breast (installation of the implant under the breast gland, totally under the muscle or partially), allowing you to choose the ideal option (to preserve the shape of the breast, reduce the time for post-operative rehabilitation, etc.).

However, despite all the pros of breast augmentation using plastic surgery, this method has some disadvantages.

Firstly, it is a pretty painful procedure, even if it passes successfully, the woman still go through the rehabilitation period.

Secondly, the implants, even the good ones need to be replaced every 5-7 years, and this means that you will doom yourself to continuous operation during the entire subsequent life. And surgery never will not remain without consequences and side effects.

Third, after the boob job must take hormone pills, which can lead to gain weight and to need to sit on a diet, torture yourself physically - although even here to help can come of modern technology and of excess weight it is possible to remove with the help of such modern technology of correction of weight, such as ultrasonic liposuction.

So, before you decide for plastic surgery, breast enlargement, it is worth thinking, and whether it is possible to increase the breast at home? With certainty we can say that it is real.

So, how to increase the breast at home? Consider the possible options.

Creams and gels for breast enlargement

For starters, let's talk about creams and special gels, modeling the breasts. They actually work, and for their proper use, the breasts really becomes more elastic and increases in size. But the composition of these creams and gels includes, as a rule, not only the vegetable ingredients, the type of extract of ginseng, and, unfortunately, and hormones.

There is no scientific evidence, affect, whether as a cream negatively on the health of the woman or not, even if accurately examined, that after a woman stops this cream to use, the breast quickly returns to its original state. In addition, many of the women on these cream occurs, an allergic reaction, which can lead to very unpleasant cosmetic effects.

Vacuum device for breast augmentation

breast augmentation

In addition to creams, there still are and the vacuum device for breast augmentation. Breasts are, of course, a little increase, but according to the testimony of many women, it can cause painful sensations, and some time after the completion of the procedures all be back to normal.

Exercises and respiratory gymnastics for breast augmentation

The most reliable, safe and virtually free way breasts in the home – is it physical exercise and breathing techniques. Practicing every day for 30-40 minutes, you will actually be able to raise and tighten your chest, without with your health.

Consider a few of the most common practices, which will help to increase the breast at home, practically no contraindications and is suitable for women of every age and build.

In yoga there are several types of breaths: the main of them – it are the abdominal and respiratory disorders. In our case, we will perform thoracic breathing.

For starters, sit in the lotus position (or semi-lotus), place your hands on your knees, palms up, straighten the spine and completely relax your lower abdomen. Now we start to perform the exercise.

The first exercise for breast enlargement is based on slow deep breathing chest. Don't forget, that we breathe only through the nose! When you inhale try to fill in the boobs through the air to the maximum, to do this, pull the chest forward, as if extending it and try as you can, the stronger the affect the spine. As you exhale pull the breasts in and try to relax the whole body. Perform this exercise at least 25 times. Remember that breathing should be slow and deep.

The second exercise is virtually repeats the first thing, just done 2 times faster. In fact, it's hard enough, and you need time to learn how to breathe properly in such a fast pace.

The third exercise is also based on thoracic breathing, but is performed in the supine position. For starters, lie on the floor, bend your legs at the knees, and, relying on the soles of the feet, lift the body off the floor for a short distance. Your hands are on the floor, palms down. Firmly bring the buttocks, (it will relieve pressure on the spine) and perform 15 - 20 deep pectoral breaths is exactly the same as in the first exercise. Descend to the floor and get some rest. Repeat the cycle again. If you have the power to – increase the number of breaths in 30.

The last exercise for breast enlargement with the help of the breath will also be carried out lying down on your back. Just exactly lie down, stretch your arms and legs, relax and begin to breathe rapidly through the nose, straining alternately to each breast. Try to perform 30 like breaths, relax and repeat the whole cycle.

This respiratory gymnastics and exercises to increase the breast at home, they really give great results. The main thing - do them regularly and on an empty stomach, and after a few months your breasts will look just great.

Good luck to you, dear women!