Proper nutrition, the necessary for breast enlargement

Women around the world are looking for ways to enlarge the breasts, make it elastic and beautiful. In the course are all means and methods, from herbs to plastic surgery. Not all of them are as effective and harmless, and many have contraindications, and may complicate side effects. If you need a totally safe way, how to make the bust elastic and beautiful, but at the same time slightly increase the amount, take note of your diet: it's true, whether you eat?


Does not necessarily hold a new-fangled diets — from one breast does not increase, rather the opposite, SAG and become flabby. It is better to enter into the diet of certain foods that contain the same nutrients and trace elements, from which the mammary glands are gaining strength and flexibility, beauty and the desired volume. Among other things, healthy eating, contribute to the improvement of the overall condition of the body: you will notice that the appearance became radiant, skin — elastic, smooth and clean, and hair shiny and silky. Also improves the condition of nails and bones.

Nutrition for breast growth: truth and fiction

To achieve results, not putting a lot of effort — the dream of many. Therefore, it is in women so the popular claim that eating cabbage leaves helps to quickly and without harm to health to increase the mammary glands. Now it is hard to say who was the author of so ingenious a way, but with certainty we can classify it into the category of inefficient. That just is, to girls and women with cabbage: drink her in in raw and cooked form, make masks, body wraps, rubbed the juice and attach to the breast the whole cabbage leaves.

The effect is not!

Scientists looking for the scientific justification of this method, but to no avail: in the cabbage do not contain any substances that could have an impact on the size of the breast. Therefore, breast enlargement cabbage — it's just a myth. The truth is that the composition of the diet directly affects the condition of the skin and muscle tissue, and this means that in addition to cabbage, it is necessary to include in the offer the most variety of healthy foods and beverages.

What to eat to breast was beautiful

In the daily menu should be present and proteins, fats and carbohydrates. From fat very helpful are plant-based, which are found in nuts, seeds of sunflower, olives, avocados and soybeans. It is also advised to consume flaxseed oil, but in small quantities.

Pomegranates and lemons

Products for daily diet:

  1. The perfect orange and red fruits and vegetables: peppers, pumpkin, tomatoes, apricots, peaches, pomegranates, carrots, persimmons. They contain many vitamins C, E, And.
  2. Useful leafy vegetables, legumes, Solanaceae and cereals. Solanaceous preferable to the eggplant and potatoes are not so useful, on the contrary, doctors do not recommend eating it in large quantities.
  3. Of food of animal origin is the biggest positive impact on the beauty in the chest have meat, dairy products, low-fat cheese, cottage cheese, seafood, fish.
  4. Every day on the table should be the food containing cereals: rye bread with bran, porridge from whole grains, casseroles. Kashi better to cook from whole grain to whole grain.
  5. And don't forget about antioxidants. Are contained in brazilian walnut, BlackBerry, garlic, eggs.

The drink has a beneficial effect on the condition of the body, including the breasts:

  • red wine (2 drinks a week);
  • freshly squeezed juice of berries, fruits and vegetables (appropriate dilution with water);
  • green and white tea.

Harmful products

They are known to all, but it is useful to remind. On harmful foods include fast food, salt, sausages, marinades, conservation with the addition of a large amount of artificial colors, flavors, and so on For the condition of the mammary glands is particularly dangerous salt. If you constantly wasted away food, fluid remains in the body, as a result leads to the inevitable swelling. The skin on the breast and other parts of the body sags, becomes flabby and accelerated aging.

Products for the removal of hormonal imbalances

For various reasons, sometimes it happens, that is going on in the body strengthening the production of testosterone. In the period of puberty it is a violation can be the reason for the below-average growth in the mammary glands. As an active measure it is recommended to eat foods with a high content of estrogen. However, the removal of hormonal imbalance, it is possible to, and less exotic methods. Enough to eat less food with high carbohydrate and lean on fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as bread and dishes from whole grains.

Seeds of anise, pumpkin, fennel, sunflower, flax

Try to make in the offer were present dishes of food with a high content of natural estrogen:

  • milk and products from it;
  • seeds of anise, pumpkin crops, fennel, sunflower, flax;
  • beans (white and common beans, chickpeas, peas, lentils, soy);
  • brown rice, oats, barley;
  • greens (alfalfa, lettuce, watercress, lettuce, rhubarb, asparagus);
  • spices and fragrant herbs — fenugreek, Sabal, cinnamon, cloves, red clover, fennel, ginger, oregano, celery, turmeric, thyme.

In folk medicine, herb has long been paid in order to enlarge the volume of the breast. Particularly effective is considered to be the fenugreek. Its sprouts contain a substance stimulates the synthesis of estrogen, and also the formation of milk in lactating women. The result becomes an increase in the size of the breast. With a similar goal of folk medicine is recommended to use fennel seeds. About the benefits of this plant demonstrated by the extracts from it are part of medicinal products, stimulates the breast growth.

Among the other products are suitable strawberries, cherries, papaya, apples, sweet potatoes, prunes, parsley, various types of cabbage (broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts, beijing, cauliflower).

At the conclusion of several useful recommendations:

  • drink plenty of fluids, including clean water;
  • no-avoid physical exertion, follow the exercises, leading an active lifestyle;
  • exclude from the diet alcoholic beverages;
  • drink less coffee;
  • do breast massage.